What you need to know about the Omnibus Curriculum

The Omnibus books are rich books, filled with pictures of paintings other pieces of classical art. Be aware there are some pieces of art that may display nudity (such as the statue of David). You may want to prepare your child for this if they have not been exposed to classical pieces of art before.
Many of the readings that will be assigned contain mature situations. We believe it is best to introduce these things to your children while at home and you can explain these situations to them.
There is much more information in the Omnibus books than Coram Deo can cover in one day of instruction once a week. Parents are expected to implement this fantastic resource more fully at home. Teachers will give assignments that necessitate parental involvement. We encourage you to delve even deeper into this fantastic resource by completing some of the following:

  • Go through discussion questions with your students that are not assigned in class.
  • Assign some of the readings that are not covered in their class at Coram Deo.
  • Complete some of the activities and writing assignments that are not undertaken at Coram Deo.

Both Literature and History classes will use selections from Veritas Press’ Omnibus books and focus on reading classical literature from primary sources. These are advanced books that provide a challenge but are appropriate for students who are ready to work hard!
Our Logic and Rhetoric curriculum is designed for college preparation. Some students may be better suited to take classes the Logic level particularly if they struggle academically or are not planning to attend college. Likewise, young 7th graders may not be ready for the academic rigors of Logic Literature and History courses, and that is ok!.

Because of the mature content in this curriculum we also realize that some students in 7th grade may not be emotionally mature enough for the subjects presented in this text. Please take time to evaluate if this curriculum will be suitable for your student.
How can you prepare your child for moving into the Omnibus? What should you as a parent do if you have a child who struggles academically and is not yet ready for this material?

  1. Wait a year or two before enrolling them in the History and/or Literature classes. Give them time to mature and their academics to develop. Some children simply need more time before they are able to work through this type of material.
  2. Begin introducing them to great pieces of literature at home. Continue to challenge them to read often and increasingly challenging pieces of literature. The reading level and quantity in our history and literature courses is demanding!
  3. Find a curriculum that will give your child an essential overview of world history they will need to excel when pursuing a classical education. Be sure your child memorizes events and dates. Create a display demonstrating how the major events of world history are connected.
  4.  Consider enrolling your student in either the Literature or the History class and requesting the syllabus from the other class so you can cover the corresponding material, but at a pace that suits your child.


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