Coram Deo means “Before the face of God.”

Are you searching for a stimulating educational experience? An academic homeschool support system that encourages its students to pursue their passions in an environment of excellence? Coram Deo may be just what you are looking for.

The Coram Deo Experience

Coram Deo Academics exists as a classical education, home education, cooperative. Many co-operatives exist, and while some exist for solely enrichment opportunities that is not the mission of Coram Deo.

At Coram Deo our focus is to provide a rigorous, academically stimulating environment, preparing students for post-secondary education. We strive to bring academic courses and access to content area experts that typically are not available in the home education setting.

Out of respect for our teachers who generously volunteer their time and for you the parent, we at Coram Deo set high academic expectations for our students. The goal of Coram Deo is not to replace your curriculum, but to come along beside you and help strengthen it.

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