Is Coram Deo right for my family?

If you are a homeschooling family who wishes to bless your child with the extraordinary benefits of a Classical Education, then Coram Deo is right for you. Students are instructed one day a week and are expected to complete homework at home with significant parental involvement. The classes are challenging, and parental participation in student success is expected.

What classes are offered?

See our Scope and Sequence here.

When do classes start?

Classes for the fall semester usually start the first Monday after Labor Day.

How much does Coram Deo cost?

Coram Deo strives to be an affordable option for homeschooling families, costing only $6/day (+ books and materials) per child.

Tuition is as follows:

  • The Registration fee for each child is $165 for the whole year.
  • There is a $15 non-refundable Administrative fee upon registration for each family.
  • Many classes also have Class fees, used to pay for books and materials.

What are the parental involvement expectations?

Coram Deo is an entirely volunteer-run organization. Classes would not flow
efficiently or effectively without plenty of help. Parents are an essential support to this
system. We require every family to sign up one parent for volunteer duties during the
year. Parents can choose which semester they'd like to serve (each semester is roughly
15 weeks). Options include: morning float/ class aide, afternoon float/ class aide,
morning nursery worker, afternoon nursery worker, lunch/ recess monitor, and clean-up
crew. We also have some off-campus positions that are year-long commitments:
volunteer organizer, event coordinator, and aide to the board. Coram Deo is blessed to
have dedicated board members, teachers, and parent volunteers.

What is the Registration process for Current Members?

See how to Register as a Current Member here

How can I Register?

See how to Register here

Do you have a Statement of Faith?

See our Statement of Faith here

Do you have a handbook?

See our Handbook here

What are the qualifications for your teachers?

All of our teachers are volunteers. However, because we are an academic co-op, we have many teachers who are instructing in their field of study and experience.

What is the history of Coram Deo?

Coram Deo was founded in 2009 by Ron and Jeanne DeHaas in Owosso, Michigan, to address the lack of academically-focused Christian homeschool coops in the area. Recognizing that many parents hesitate to homeschool through high school due to the complexity of subjects and concerns over graduation requirements, the DeHaas family aimed to support these homeschoolers. With a background in classical education for their daughter, they were inspired to create a classical, Christian co-op. After attending a classical education conference in the spring of 2009, Jeanne recruited families from their homeschooling circle, and several retired teachers volunteered their time and talents. Coram Deo began operations in September 2009 at the Community Evangelical Presbyterian Church just north of Owosso. Over the years, it has moved locations and experienced changes in size, but has consistently provided a classical education that is Christ-centered to support homeschooling families.

Who are your board members?

See more about our board members here