We are Classical

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Coram Deo has four general objectives for education.

  1. Teach students how to learn and how to think.
  2. Mold students who love learning and take joy in academic
  3. Move students from ignorance to knowledge; folly to wisdom.
  4. Encourage and educate families in the classical model of education.

What does it mean to be Classical?


  1. Coram Deo is classical in its Structure. Students advance through three core levels and two preparatory levels.
    1. Pre-Grammar (Pre-K/ Kindergarten) is the first level of preparation. We aim to foster wonder in the world God has made and delight in God's truth through hands-on learning and guided play.
    2. Grammar (1st - 6th) is the first core level. We focus on teaching the fundamental rules and language of each subject. The goal is developing life-long learners who are curious about God's creation and His truth through memory work, classroom instruction, and supplemental at-home work.
    3. Transitions (6th - 7th) is the second preparatory level. This class is for advanced 6th graders or 7th graders who are not quite ready for the Logic level. Coram Deo hopes to give students a taste of the Logic level subjects, themes, and task load while continuing to keep learning engaging, fun, and age-appropriate. Students receive a big-picture view of how God has carried out His plans and purposes in history, in the order and beauty of the natural world, and in the students' own lives.
    4. Logic (7th - 9th) is the second core level. “The Logic Stage of the classical model is characterized by understanding the facts (the how’s & why’s). Logic students use & apply the information learned in the grammar stage. Students should be using independent, abstract thought at this time.” (Teach Them Diligently) These skills allow students to begin making connections between how and why God has worked throughout history and how and why God is STILL working today.
    5. Rhetoric (10th - 12th) is the final core level. This stage teaches students how to elegantly express the grammar and logic of each subject. Our focus is molding students who are characterized by wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Students should develop a use of persuasive and elegant language, employing those skills to move others toward God's goodness, truth, and beauty.
  2. Coram Deo is classical in its Class Offerings - what courses we include, and what we exclude.
  3. Coram Deo is classical in its Curriculum Choices - curriculum is from classical providers and is meant to challenge students
  4. Coram Deo is classical in its Mode of Teaching, employing memory work, integration between subjects, and the “great books” and encouraging students to excel academically and personally.