Grammar Level

Memory Period

Classical education places a high premium on memory work in the early years of school as children have a capacity to memorize huge amounts of information. It is also a fantastic time to train the brain to memorize since this is a learned skill. Coram Deo devotes the opening assembly period to memory work of Scripture and historical events.


Coram Deo cycles through Apologia’s six elementary level science books. All grammar science classes will use the same science book at age appropriate levels, allowing families with children in multiple grades to study the same thing together. If you would like to use this as a full science curriculum we recommending you purchasing the corresponding book to have your child read and discuss together at home.

Art & Music

Coram Deo uses a rotating plan to study through different time periods to cover various artists and musicians from approximately the same eras.


Composing sentences in a thoughtful and logical sequence is an important skill Coram Deo students acquire as early as possible. Coram Deo uses the Institute for Excellence in Writing curriculum beginning in 3rd grade and finishing in high school. The elementary levels will have a beginning class where most students will spend at least 2 years, as well as an intermediate class.


Coram Deo Latin classes in the elementary grades are designed to introduce Latin to kids and give them a feel for what Latin sounds like. We also want them to learn the importance of Latin and its place in language. The elementary Latin classes prepares students for Latin study at the Logic level.

  • Latin improves vocabulary and understanding of English words. Over 60% of all English words derive from Latin, and 90% of two-syllable English words are derived from Latin.
  • When a student has a background in Latin it makes learning other foreign languages easier.
  • Learning Latin gives students a superior understand of the English language.
  • Students who have studied Latin have higher standardized test scores.