Logic Level

Logic Level
The Logic Level typically spans the 7th-9th grade years, but there is diversity in the readiness of students. Some students may not be ready for all studies at the Logic Level since the curriculum is academically rigorous and challenging. It is designed to prepare students for the college prep Rhetoric Level curriculum. The following are Coram Deo’s core Logic Level classes which are offered on a three year cycle:


  1. Earth Science
  2. Astronomy
  3. Chem-Physics Integrated replaces Physical Science and is a preparatory class for high school Chemistry and Physics

Literature and History

Book selections from Omnibus focusing in class on group discussion & other activities. Parents will be responsible for purchasing both the Omnibus textbook as well as purchasing the primary sources that will be used in the class.

  1. Omnibus 1 – Ancient History
  2. Omnibus 2 – Medieval History
  3. Omnibus 3 – Modern Times


Coram Deo uses the Excellence in Writing Curriculum and rotates through history based writing lessons to correspond with
literature and history.

  1. Ancient History Based Writing Lessons
  2. Medieval History Based Writing Lessons
  3. American History Based Writing Lessons (Vol 1)