Class Fees and Book Lists

Below are a list of classes along with books and supplies. You as the parent are required to purchase and provide your student with the books and supplies on this list for the classes they are registered for.

Grammar Level

Science for All Blocks

Lab Fee: $5

Optional Book: Exploring Creation with Botany

Geography for Blocks C and D

Required Book: Legends and Leagues: North Workbook

Writing for Blocks C

Required Book: All Things Fun and Fascinating

Class Fee: $10

Writing for Block D

Book for class TBD.

Class Fee: $10

Music for All Blocks

Class Fee: $5

Art for All Blocks

Supply Fee: $20

Latin for Block A

*Please wait to purchase book until your student is placed in the correct Block.

Optional Book with CD: Song School Latin

Latin for Block B

*Please wait to purchase book until your student is placed in the correct Block.

Required Book with CD: Song School Latin 2

Latin Block C

*Please wait to purchase book until your student is placed in the correct Block.

Required Book: Latina Christiana Student Book. There is also a teacher’s manual which you will want if making this a full curriculum in the home.

Latin Block D

Class Fee: $10

Transitions Level

Science and Math

Class Fee: $15 (covers cost of book that will be provided in class)

World History and Literature

Required books and resources:


Required Book: First Year Latin


Class Fee: $29

Logic and Rhetoric Levels

Logic History

Required books and resources:

Logic Literature

Required books and resources:

Logic Earth Science

Required Books

Logic Civics

Required Books:

Logic Economics

Required Books:

Logic Writing

Class Fee: $29

Blogging & Writing for the Web for Logic and Rhetoric

Necessary Resources: Students will be expected to purchase a domain name and bring a laptop to class every week. This will be assigned early in the school year and will cost $10-20.

Grammar of Poetry for Logic and Rhetoric

Required Book: Grammar of Poetry

Media Arts for Logic and Rhetoric

Required Resource: Adobe Creative Cloud for students ($19.99 monthly subscription)

Latin for Logic and Rhetoric Latin

Class Fee: $20

Required Book: First Year Latin

Logic students will have an additional Latin reader to purchase to be determined at a later date.

Spanish for Logic and Rhetoric

Required Book: Lifepac Spanish Set 1

Fine Arts for Logic and Rhetoric

Class Fee: $75

Nutrition and Cooking Skills for Logic and Rhetoric

Class Fee: $80

Required Tools: Students need chef knife or a Santoku knife that is at least 6 inches in length (can be longer) and a cutting board (can be plastic).

Rhetoric Physics

Required Books: Exploring Creation Through Physics and the Replacement Test Pack

Rhetoric History

Required Books:

Rhetoric Literature

Required Books: