What is Classical Education?

Some of you requested a copy of my presentation last night about why Coram Deo follows a classical model of education. What is classical ed? What makes it unique?

During this presentation, I explain…

3 Myths About Classical Education (2:42-5:19)

  • Myth #1: Classical Ed is only for gifted students or students planning on higher education.
  • Myth #2: Classical Ed is a radical approach to education.
  • Myth #3: Classical Ed is too difficult.

3 Stages of Classical Education (5:19-15:20)

  • Grammar
  • Logic
  • Rhetoric

3 Distinctives of Classical Education (15:20-19:50)

  • The Mastery of Language
  • Seeing Subjects Through the Lens of History
  • Seeing Subjects Through the Lens of Christian Truth

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